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A Page-turner story of The Print Shop

How it all started:

One sunny Saturday morning, as Vivek strolled through the charming streets of Morgan Hill, he noticed a quaint print shop nestled in a cozy shopping plaza. The shop had a sign that read "The Print Shop." A thought suddenly crossed his mind: what if he could combine his financial expertise with his desire to connect with the community by owning and operating this print shop?

About The Print Shop

Vivek, who has had a successful corporate career, decided to take on a new venture as the owner of The Print Shop in Morgan Hill. The Print Shop has been serving the community of Morgan Hill for over 15+ years and with Vivek's leadership skills and fresh ideas, the print shop is infused with new energy.  The Print Shop has recently been upgraded with new printing machines too. Feel free to ask what’s happening next in the business.

The Nudging

The idea continued to linger in Vivek's mind, as if destiny had whispered in his ear. He decided to explore the possibilities of transforming the print shop into a thriving community hub. That very week, he initiated his research and met with the current owners, who had been running the shop for decades and were ready to retire. With a sparkle in his eyes, Vivek proposed to purchase the business, not merely as a financial investment but as a means to connect with the community.

The Passion

The owners recognized Vivek's genuine passion and commitment to preserving the shop's legacy. After a few months of paperwork and preparations, Vivek became the proud owner of The Print Shop.

Determined to turn the print shop into a place where the community could gather, Vivek spoke to the existing staff and ensured they offered the latest services using modern printing machines while preserving the nostalgic charm of the old ones. His goal is to know the names of all his regular customers.

The Outcome and Future

Vivek is enthusiastic about The Print Shop, as it provides him with the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of those around him. It's a way to turn the pages of a print shop into a vibrant and thriving community center, and a path to find fulfillment within a community that had welcomed him with open arms.

"The Print Shop is not just a print shop; it's a place where dreams are printed, stories are shared, and connections are made."

Contact Us


16375 Monterey St

Morgan Hill, CA, 95037



(408) 779-5181

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Opening Hours

Mon - Thu


10:00 am – 5:00 pm

10:00 am – 4:00 pm





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